GCA Cadets

Courageous Affirmed Disciples Empowered To Succeed Mission Statement The mission of GCA CADETS ministry is to equip young boys with the necessary guidance, support, education, and resources to become Christian men that will positively affect that homes, schools, churches, and community using the Holy Bible as a manual for success. Vision Statement GCA CADETS exist to teach boys ages 3-12 to become Courageous Affirmed Disciples Empowered To Succeed for preparation to become godly men that obey God’s laws, serve others in our church and community, demonstrate integrity daily, and serve as role models for generations to come. Goals Statement GCA CADETS ministry is committed to the spiritual, physical, emotional, intellectual development of boys to be prepared to become godly men of integrity that honor, respect, love, and worship God in all facets of their lives. Methods and Activities This will be achieved by teaching boys the importance of developing a habit of reading, studying the Bible, praying daily. Also mentorship, fellowship, and participating in physical activities, church outings, and community projects, dressing for success and effective communication exercises will help to achieve overall success.