Mission Statement:
The Children's Ministry exists to guide and encourage children to believe in God, and grow to be like his son, Jesus Christ.

Vision of Children’s Ministry:

  • Establish a firm knowledge of the Word of God
  • Teach children about different spiritual gifts
  • Encourage children to be led by the Holy Spirit in their daily lives as they serve the Lord 
  • Teach children the importance of praising and worshipping God
  • Teach children how to share the Word of God and encouraging their personal faith
  • Teach children how to pray the will of God
  • Inspire children to be the light in their community for Christ

It is our goal at God’s Chosen Assembly to show children they need Jesus Christ in their life. We are there to help them find their path to salvation and to encourage and disciple them once they have made the commitment to serve Jesus Christ. The Children’s Ministry is blessed at God’s Chosen Assembly to have several workers committed to leading children to Christ.  We encourage children in the Word through many different methods such as song, dance, memorizing bible verses, fun-filled crafts, acting out bible scenarios, praying with them, taking prayer request, and energized discussions. It is during these sessions, children start to understand they are able to serve God with a willing heart!

Demographics: Ages 2 years - 12 years

For more details about how to become a Children's Ministry volunteer, please contact
Mrs. Jennifer Bufford.

Children's Ministry