About God's  Chosen Assembly Church

{Ecclesiastes 3:1}
“To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”

God had a purpose under the heaven and He chose the season and the time for the birthing of what became “God's Chosen Assembly.”  In 1987, while attending a conference, the Spirit of God spoke the name “God's Chosen Assembly.”  He gave the scripture John 15:16, gave the motto "God's Love United Through Mankind" and a logo for a Seal.  Pastor Terry held that in her heart until God walked her into the season and time to reveal it. Changes had to be made; some of them very difficult but The Lord began to mold and shape the ministry to His perfect will.           

In 1987 the plan to build was carried out by ten families and with the blessing of God upon their hands to work, ten acres of land was purchased in Simpsonville, South Carolina.  In March of 1989, groundbreaking service was held and seven months later the doors of a new sanctuary were open that later became God's Chosen Assembly Church, Incorporate.  Pastor Bertha F. Terry became the Founder and Overseer, thus fulfilling the vision given to her.

The mission of God's Chosen Assembly Church, rest in the name.  God is a Spirit and we must worship Him in spirit and in truth.  Therefore the mission of the church is too:

  • Reach the lost and teach them the steps of salvation and sanctification.
  • Teach them how to remain in their new life in Christ.
  • Teach them how to live a victorious spiritual life by making the Spirit of God a part of their lives.
  • To educate men, women, boys and girls concerning their responsibility in home, church and the community.
  • To minister to the entire needs of a person’s spiritual, personal, mental, and recreational life.
  • To promote love in all we do, giving reverence to the blessed Trinity in this ministry.

The church functions as an Apostolic Ministry (five-fold): Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Pastors and Teachers.  {Ephesians 4:11-12}  A description of each
Five-Fold Office:

  • APOSTOLIC: Individuals operating under the apostolic calling are constructive and they establish foundations for church lifestyles.  They are builders of houses, assembling every brick and pillar in their proper places.  Apostolic, are workers and trainers of the believers and leadership. They establish and guard doctrines entrusted by the Holy Spirit and confront believers with divine counsel and practicality. They work to establish for the future and for the coming of Christ.
  • PROPHETIC: This order is characterized as the eyes of the Body of Christ. The Bible refers to prophets as seers. This order is intense and can become problematic if not taught proper order and submission (1Cor. 14:32).  An individual operating under the prophetic order is also to maintain order, so that when God uses the individual it is sown in one's spirit. The goal is to have a life in order so that the fruit produced is evident of God's presence (1 Samuel 10: 9-13). This order is noted highly for the spirit of wisdom, revelation and understanding (Eph. 1:17-18).  As a result, the Bible speaks of it being the complimentary to the apostolic and being a cornerstone of the church's development (Eph. 2: 20).
  • EVANGELISTIC:  Evangelism has to use the power of preaching and demonstration of the Holy Spirit in order to open the hearts of people to Jesus. They are ones who bring God's salvation into the city so that the church can be built with additional harvest of souls. They are raised up to impact and influence the city immediately. They are burdened for lost souls. The evangelist ministry enables the release of the gift of repentance into the hearts of sinners so that they can rise into full salvation.
  • PASTORAL: The pastoral ministries today concern themselves with teaching the principles for the application of God's revealed word so that the believer's behavior matches God's standard. Today's pastoral ministry meets the external needs: bringing comfort, a sense of relief and allowing believers to internalize on a personal relationship with God. Those walking under the pastoral calling have the responsibility to present services for the people. They help equip leaders to act as God's agent of grace to meet people's needs. Pastoral individuals also assure the believers of their positional worth in Christ as they continue to grow and see the full manifestation of The Lord.
  • TEACHERS: The teaching gift is marked by divine revelation and supernatural ability to bring God's light and wisdom for godly living. They are to teach sound doctrine that would establish believers in their faith and equip them for effective service in the church. A good teacher teacher's aim is for the application of the Word to be manifested into the lifestyle of every person until they become living epistles; the Word made flesh. Those walking under the teaching calling water the seeds of revelation that are given to the apostles and prophets. Teachers draw upon the Word to feed and instruct the people.

 We are repairers of the breach and we do so through the way of Holiness.
{Isaiah 58:12, 35:8}.  We live to affect our surroundings by reaching individuals, developing families, building fortified communities and changing generations. We have been chosen to produce fruit that will remain. {John 15:16}